Sword Coast

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The Sword Coast

The region encompasses all the lands between the Kingdom of Amn in the south and the City of Waterdeep in the north on the western coast of Faerûn. The lands to the north of Waterdeep are often referred to just as “The North”.
The Sword Coast is a savage land. There are no great kingdoms of humankind in this region. Instead, settlements are city-states or organised into loose confederations. Much of the land is wilderness, inhabited by monsters: orcs, goblinoids, trolls and worse. Settlements that exist need to fight off raiding parties, although the bigger settlements boast too good defences (walls, men and magic) to be bothered that often.

Despite the dangers, trade routes cross the land. The main route, running most of the length of the coast from Waterdeep southwards to Calimport on the south coast, is known as the Trade Way. Commerce along the Trade Way and other caravan routes binds the city-states of the Sword Coast, while other routes lead inland to the central regions and kingdoms of Cormyr and Sembia. Trading caravans typically gather several merchants together and hire a large number of guards. Smaller wagons occasionally try to get by quickly and unobserved, but most prudent merchants travel in groups.

The coast itself is treacherous, featuring undersea reefs, rocky outcroppings, and a soft, mucky bottom that extends for miles in many areas. True ports are few and far between, a fact that makes the sheltered bay at the foot of Mount Waterdeep so precious. Its natural harbor has permitted Waterdeep, the City of Splendors, to grow into one of the shining jewels of the Sword Coast.

Port cities north of Waterdeep haven’t fared well in recent years; both Neverwinter and Luskan are mostly ruined. Baldur’s Gate, on the other hand, survived the last century relatively unscathed and has swelled to become one of the most populous cities in Faerûn. Candlekeep remains a bastion of learning, though the crag it rests upon now stands at least 100 feet off the coast.

Towns and Cities

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Sword Coast

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